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Support Services

Recovery from thoracic surgery takes a couple of months and requires emotional and physical support for both the patient and loved ones.

Some of NYU's support services include:

  • Chest Physical Therapy: A chest physical therapist will help you cough and breathe deeply. You will be seen on the first post-operative day and followed daily until you are discharged.

  • Social Worker: During your stay at the hospital, a social worker will meet with you to assess any special discharge needs that you may have.

  • Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation will be initiated at the bedside and gradually increased as you regain your strength. If you are unable to go home after surgery, a rehabilitation doctor will evaluate you, help set up a rehabilitation schedule, and determine if Rusk Institute, or another facility, is available to help you with your recovery.

The NYU Thoracic Oncology team is here to provide you with any help that you may need to help you recover from surgery. We encourage you to explore these options so that you receive the support you need to make a full recovery.