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Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Whether you are a potential or a diagnosed patient, or simply a family member, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. We encourage you to prepare questions to ask our specialists and consultants during your diagnosis and treatment at NYU Medical Center.

Below are some questions you may wish to ask your doctor.

  1. Is my doctor familiar with tumors in this area?

  2. Has my doctor treated many of these problems before?

  3. How will my diagnosis be determined?

  4. Who does my doctor recommend to chart the course to a correct diagnosis?

  5. Who will actually treat the tumor?

  6. Should I have a biopsy?

  7. Should the lesion just be removed by surgery?

  8. What are the risks and benefits of any proposed treatment?

  9. What is the risk of no treatment?

  10. What is the prognosis if I accept the treatment proposed?