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You can walk about as you wish and climb stairs. Be sure to take it slow and not overdo things.

You can shower with your dressings either on or off. Be sure to keep the feeding tube taped so that it does not fall out and replace any wet dressings with clean, dry ones. Use soap and water as normal, but do not apply any lotions or powder to your incision(s).

Do not drive or return to work until your follow-up visit. However, once you have completed your follow-up you are free to return to work when you feel up to it.


You will receive a detailed handout at the time of discharge and should follow the diet ordered for you. Your diet will be changed slowly based on your recovery rate and how well you can tolerate food. Food should be chewed thoroughly and slowly, and should be mushy before you swallow it.

Take any medications prescribed for you as ordered.

Call your surgeon's office immediately if you:

  • Have difficulty swallowing

  • Have difficulty breathing

  • Develop any unusual signs or symptoms

  • Develop a temperature greater than 100F

  • Notice your incision has become red, swollen or has other drainage

  • Have any questions