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Michael Zervos, MD

image: Michael Zervos, MD
Dr. Michael Zervos

Dr. Michael Zervos's clinical interests include all aspects of thoracic oncology including lung cancer, esophageal cancer, mediastinal tumors, and chest wall tumors. He has particular interest and expertise in all diseases affecting the trachea and bronchi including benign and malignant processes. He has applied various forms of treatments for tracheal diseases including surgical resection and explores other possibilities such as photodynamic therapy, laser and stenting. Dr. Zervos has given multiple lectures on the treatment and palliation using airway stents and the various therapies to relieve airway obstruction.

His other areas of interest include lung resection with minimally invasive approaches, alternatives to treatment of recurrent malignant effusion, and VATS for resection of mediastinal tumors.

In addition to his clinical practice he will be participating in the development of clinical trials for lung cancer and the use of newer technologies to detect and stage these utilizing endobronchial ultrasound.