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Abraham Chachoua, MD

image: Abraham Chachoua, MD
Dr. Abraham Chachoua
Dr. Abraham Chachoua specializes in the treatment of thoracic malignancies. Originally trained in  Melbourne, Australia, he came to NYU to complete a research fellowship in medical oncology and  was the recipient of an American Cancer Society career development award to evaluate the role of immune modulation in the treatment of solid tumors. 

Dr. Chachoua has been on the faculty of NYU since 1985. He started the multidisciplinary lung conference which now meets weekly, where all patients are discussed and management decisions are made based on the input of experts from multiple fields including surgery, radiation oncology, pulmonary and radiology. He has been involved in the conduct of a number of clinical trials for the treatment of non small cell lung cancer. 

Dr. Chachoua has a particular interest in the study of novel targeted therapies, how to use them earlier in the course of the illness and how to combine them with conventional chemotherapy for the treatment of advanced thoracic cancers. Among other interests he also attempts to use unique approaches for the integration of multimodality approaches for the treatment of locally advanced lung cancer.