NYU-HHC TREC Grand Rounds

NYU HHC TREC Grand Rounds is a monthly interdisciplinary seminar series devoted to professional development and methodologic issues relevant to early researchers.

TREC Grand Rounds are held September through May and take a hiatus in June, July, and August.

Please contact Jessica Stangel with questions about this series.

TREC Grand Rounds in Career Development:




May 2014

Vilma Gabbay, MD

Manuscript Authorship

April 2014

Mary Ann Sevick, ScD, RN

The Promise of Mobile Technology for Patient Management, Measurement, and Education

March 2014

Alan Charney, MD

Research and Drug Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

February 2014

Binita Shah

Participant Recruitment

January 2014

John Gallin

Personal Reflections on Research at the NIH Clinical Center and New Opportunities for Collaborations

November 2013

Anna Nolan, MD

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Post Sandy, Sequester, and Shutdown

October 2013

Colleen Gillespie, PhD

Practical Approaches to Coding, Analyzing and Reporting Qualitative Research Data

September 2013

MSCI Students

MSCI Presentations

May 2013

Martin Blaser

How To Give a Good Presentation

April 2013

Gerald Weissman

Publication: The View from the Journal

March 2013

Xavier Castellanos, MD

How to Love Grantwriting

February 2013

Jan Blustein, MD, PhD

Do Medical Researchers Think About Research Ethics Differently than Social Scientists?

January 2013

Joy Jurnack, RN, CIP

Working with the IRB

November 2012

Christine Kovner, PhD, RN

Holding on to your Grant Money

October 2012

Alisa Surkis, PhD, MLS

Collaboration Tools and Information Resources

May 2012

Curtis Lowery, MD

Telemedicine as a Tool for Academic Centers

March 2012

Anna Nolan, MD; Leonardo Trasande, MD

Academic Careers: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

February 2012

Colleen Gillespie, PhD

Qualitative Research

January 2012

Vilma Gabbay, MD

Manuscript Authorship

November 2011

Barbara Daisak

The Grant Submission Process at NYU (ClickConnect Training)

October 2011

Janet Bickel

What Happens When Difficult Issues Arise in Mentoring Relationships? Making the Undiscussable Discussable

September 2011

MSCI Students

MSCI Presentations

May 2011

John Gallin, MD

Inside the NIH

April 2011

Adina Kalet, MD

How to be a Successful Mentee (Getting the Most Out Of Your Relationship With Your Mentor)

March 2011

Xavier Castellanos, MD

How To Love Grantwriting  the Essence of Science

February 2011

Vivian Lee, MD, PhD

R01 Grant Workshop

January 2011

Michael Weiden, MD

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About K Awards