CTSI Funding/Training Opportunity: TL1


The TL1 program is not considering applications at this time.

The TL1 program in Translational Research is a University-wide doctoral training opportunity. The program focuses on the support and development of doctoral candidates seeking careers in translational research, and is a component of the Translational Research Education and Careers (TREC) unit of New York University’s NIH-funded Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI). The program provides opportunities for training in clinical and translational research for advanced doctoral students in the CTSI's Partner Schools.

While not creating a new discipline or department, the program is building a trans-disciplinary framework for research training and mentoring and providing expanded training opportunities in translational sciences to outstanding doctoral students. Funding will be available for up to two years for each student. Priority will be given to advanced doctoral students with a demonstrated commitment to trans-disciplinary work in health and healthcare, who seek to further build their translational research skills, and who may have completed their fellowship or funding cycles at their school.

The goals of the TL1 program are as follows:

  1. To provide financial support to a multi-disciplinary group of doctoral students studying at the CTSI's Partner Schools, eager to build careers as translational scientists.
  2. To enhance and broaden the students’ discipline-based studies with integrative educational and training experiences led by scientists across the spectrum of translational science.
  3. To create a trans-disciplinary framework for these students’ research by establishing Translational Interdisciplinary Mentoring (TIM) teams; by providing access to clinical populations, existing databases and specimen banks; and by supporting them with methodologic experts in study design and coordination, biological and molecular sciences, social and behavioral sciences, data management and statistics, and grant-writing.

The program is administered through the TREC and Co-Directed by Perry Halkitis, PhD (Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development) and Jan Blustein, MD, PhD (Wagner Graduate School of Public Service).

To contact us about the TL1 program, please email the Claudia Galeano.

Investigator Acknowledgment

Investigators planning to apply for NYU/HHC CTSI support should be aware that it is a requirement that all publications or media resulting from the utilization of its resources credit the CTSI grant by including the NIH Funding acknowledgment and complying with NIH Public Access Policy.