CTSI Clinical Research Center

Successful implementation of the CTSI mission requires provision of adequate resources to its investigators.  To this end, the CTSI’s Clinical Research Center (CRC) has been renovated and relocated as of August 1, 2013. The new unit boasts a combined adult/pediatric center of approximately 9,000 sq. ft. in which clinical research studies are carried out. The new and improved unit is now housed on the 4th Floor of the Bellevue Hospital C/D Building. The CRC consists of 7 exam rooms (including Bariatric and OB/Gyn accommodations), 3 bed/stretcher rooms including a procedure room, a recovery room and a treatment room, an adult 4-bay infusion suite as well as a 3-bay pediatric infusion suite, two 4-bay interview rooms, clean and soiled utility rooms, a medicine room, a specimen prep suite with a cold centrifuge and  short-term -80° freezer storage capacity, a central nursing station to provide maximal view of the study participants, and more. There are separate adult and pediatric bathrooms, a small study participant pantry, administrative offices for the Program Director, Administrative Director, Nurse Manager, and Staff Coordinators, as well as a 5-bay Coordinator/Monitor room equipped with computers, faxes and phones. The facility also houses a satellite research pharmacy. The pharmacy contains a laminar hood, a safe, and both an NYU and Bellevue computer system.

The CTSI also provides a core of Nursing Services and the services of a Clinical Research Coordinator to enhance the effectiveness of research programs. Click HERE to view the new space!
CTSI Satellite CRC:  The CTSI also has a satellite unit available for outpatient visits only. It houses 2 exam rooms, 1 office, a reception area, a blood-drawing chair, a specimen preparation area (with centrifuge), and a waiting room. The newly renovated and relocated space is in Tisch Hospital Coop Care (HCC) suite 5 B&C. Click HERE for more information.
Support for AIDS research:  In order to accommodate AIDS research activity, participants are seen at the remote clinical research site on the 5th Floor of the Bellevue Hospital C&D Building. The unit measures 9,000 sq. ft., which provides adequate office space for staff and satisfies the functional and environmental participant-care standards.  Offices are provided for four study investigators, six study nurses, a data manager, a conference room, six examination rooms, clean and soiled utility rooms, and a waiting area.

For more information about the CRC contact its director:

Stuart D. Katz, MD - Program Director
Email: Stuart.Katz@nyumc.org
Phone: (212) 263-3946

Research Nursing Staff/Nursing Services

The CRC is staffed by trained research nurses with expertise including monitoring, critical assessment, and teaching of participants.

For more information about Nursing Services follow the link above, or contact:

Eleanor DeCandia, RN, MA - Nurse Manager
Email: Eleanor.Decandia@nyumc.org
Phone: (212) 263-2534

Research Coordinator Services

In addition to our trained research nurses with their professional expertise in monitoring, critical assessment and teaching of participants, we also offer the services of a Research Coordinator. This individual can support your study with procedures such as preparation and submission of regulatory documents (e.g., IRB application, consent form, etc.), screening and recruitment, acquisition of consent, administration of questionnaires, collection of samples, shipping and handling of specimens, and completion of case report forms. As with all CTSI services, if the project has its own funds to pay for participant-care costs, the investigators will be charged for use of the Research Coordinator, and projects without sufficient funding to pay for participant-care costs investigators can apply to the CTSI for support for this service.

For more information about Research Coordinators contact:

Eleanor DeCandia, RN, MA - Nurse Manager
Email: Eleanor.Decandia@nyumc.org
Phone: (212) 263-2534

Investigators must credit the NYU-HHC CTSI grant in all publications or media resulting from the utilization of its resources and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy. The following manuscript citation is suggested: “Supported in part by grant UL1 TR000038 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health.”