Studied Homeopathic Remedies  

  • Combination Homeopathic Remedy, containing Sodium salicylate, Ascaridole (Chenopodium), Conine (Conium), and Quinine
  • Carbo vegetabilis
  • Chininum sulphuricum
  • Graphites

Tinnitus is the technical term for ringing in the ear, although it may actually involve sounds better described as buzzing, roaring, or hissing. The noise can be intermittent or continuous and can vary in pitch and loudness. Most people have experienced tinnitus occasionally for a minute or two, perhaps in reaction to a loud sound. However, some people have tinnitus continuously, over long periods of time. It can range from a minor annoyance to a serious and nearly intolerable condition.

Exposure to loud noise can lead to tinnitus, as can ear obstructions, ear infections, otosclerosis (abnormal bone growth in the ear), head injuries, or heart and blood vessel disorders. In some cases, treating the underlying disorder will relieve the tinnitus; however, in many cases the cause either cannot be found or cannot be treated.


Scientific Evaluations of Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus