Finger Dislocation With Swelling  
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A finger dislocation is when the a finger bone is knocked out of place. A dislocation also often involves stretching or damage to the ligaments. Ligaments are strong bands of fiber that help hold bones in place. Dislocation can happen in any of the finger joints.



A dislocated finger is usually caused by:

  • A jamming force applied to the end of the finger
  • Finger being forcefully twisted or bent
  • Finger being overextended (bent backward)

Risk Factors  

Factors that increase your risk of dislocation include:

  • Contact sports
  • Previous finger dislocation or sprain
  • Medical conditions or disease that make ligaments weak or loose such as Ehlers-Danlos or Marfan syndrome


A dislocated finger may have:

  • Severe pain
  • Crooked or awkwardly bent shape
  • Swelling and br