On the day of your MEG

  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  2. Have regular meals, and please follow your physician’s instructions regarding your medication.
  3. Please refrain from alcoholic beverages (more than one drink) and recreational drugs for 24 hours before your MEG.
  4. Please do not wear make-up or use hair spray.
  5. Magnetic objects interfere with the MEG measurements, so you will be asked to remove all metal items, such as jewelry, watch, belt, hair pins, hearing aids, underwire bra, and dentures.
  6. Please turn off any implanted stimulator about four hours before your scan, unless it is medically necessary. Please consult your physician.


What to expect when you come to the MEG lab


Before the MEG Recording 

You will be asked to fill out a set of forms including an Informed Consent Form that explains why we asking you to participate in our study.

A videotape eraser will be moved over your head to erase magnetic activity from fillings in your teeth. One small coil will be taped to your forehead and two other coils will be attached just in front of your ears. These will be used to mark the location of your head during the MEG.

If we do not have an MRI for you, we will record the shape of your head by moving a small device that looks like a pen over the surface of your head. After your head shape has been recorded in the computer, you will be ready for the MEG recording.

The MEG Recording

You will be asked to sit in an MEG chair (See photo). The back of the chair will be adjusted until you are comfortable. The seat will then be slowly raised into the helmet of the MEG that contains the sensors. The chair will be raised until you can feel the helmet touch the top of your head. When you are comfortable, the chair position will be locked so that it does not move during the recording.

When you are ready the door to the recording room will be closed. There is a microphone in the room so you can talk to the person making the MEG recording whenever you like. There is a speaker in the room, so we can talk to you.

During the recording it is very important that you keep your head as still as possible. This is very important, so may want to wear one of the knit hats that we have. This will make it harder to move your head and help you keep still.

The length of the MEG recording will vary depending on the study. Some of our studies include stimulation. In this case, you may be asked to wear earplugs to hear sounds, be shown pictures or a video, or have a small vibrating device attached to your finger.

Just for Children

We have special accommodations for children. We encourage you to bring a knit hat that you wear in the winter so that you will be more comfortable. Also, a family member may stay in the recording chamber with you during the MEG. You can bring a toy into the MEG room with you as long as it does not contain any metal.

After the MEG Recording

After the session, the chair will be lowered, three small coils will be removed, you will leave the MEG room and you may go home.

If you are a patient, we will review the information and report the results to your referring doctor.