Graduate Training Program in Cell & Molecular Biology

The interdisciplinary character of the Graduate Training Program in Cellular & Molecular Biology (CMB) allows a wide perspective for students in approaching a research project and selecting thesis advisors. The design of the curriculum aims at providing students with an advanced, but balanced biological education that prepares them to understand and apply to their research sophisticated ideas and methodologies of biochemistry, genetics, immunology, and molecular cell biology. There are no course requirements; rather each student decides with his or her mentor plus a student advisor which courses are most appropriate for that student's interests. Students must meet with their thesis committee at least once, but preferably twice, a year.

In addition to specific courses, the program also provides a number of venues for individual students to design their own learning, and to discuss their research. These include:

  • Tutorials with individual faculty selected by the students.
  • Presentations of research progress in weekly meetings with colleagues.
  • The selection by students of outside guest seminar speakers.
  • Participation in a student run journal club.
  • A student poster day where students present and discuss their research in an informal atmosphere.