Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery

The Cardiac and Vascular Institute (CVI) at NYU Langone is a leader in cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery not only in New York City, but around the world. It is where teachers are taught, where research is rapidly translated into better care and where medical innovations are created and applied. CVI’s cardiologists have been leaders in the development of new techniques and procedures for diagnosing and treating all forms of heart and vascular disease, including coronary artery and peripheral vascular disorders, cardiac rhythm abnormalities and structural heart disease.  Our cardiac surgeons have been pioneers in minimally invasive heart surgery, mitral valve repair and aortic surgery for more than 30 years. Our vascular surgeons comprise one of the largest vascular surgery teams in the country and have decades of experience with a focus on minimally invasive therapies for peripheral artery disease, venous disease/varicose veins, aortic pathology, carotid artery disease, and vascular screening. Our cardiac and vascular physicians work collaboratively with our cardiac rehabilitation team to ensure patients move seamlessly from diagnosis and treatment to the rehabilitation phase of their care.

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