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About Coronary Artery Diseases

Cardiovascular disease is currently the leading cause of death for men and women in the Unites States. Because of this, patients and their physicians are becoming more aware of the need for good diagnostic tests for evaluating the heart and coronary vessels (the arteries and veins that supply the heart). Cardiac CT angiography is a new reliable way to non-invasively evaluate the chambers of the heart and the vessels that supply the heart. This test is good for looking for plaque and regions of narrowing or blockage in the coronary vessels, for evaluating abnormalities in the location of the coronary vessels, for evaluating the presence of masses in the heart, and for evaluating the presence of abnormal anatomic connections in the heart. Cardiac CT angiography can also be used to look at bypass grafts, and may be useful to your doctor for assessing the anatomy of your heart prior to some surgical procedures. A negative cardiac CT angiogram can usually prevent patients from undergoing an unnecessary cardiac catheterization. Most insurance companies are now reimbursing for this test.