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Cardiac CT angiography

NYU Radiology is honored to announce the installation and operation of the Siemens Dual Source CT— Somatom® Definition™.  With only four in the world, NYU Radiology is the first clinical site to operate the Definition.

NYU’s Cardiac Imaging Section will experience the advantages the Definition offers when used to perform Cardiac CT angiography--a way to non-invasively evaluate cardiac anatomy, including coronary arteries, great arteries and veins, cardiac chambers, muscle, and valves. Over the past few years, the role of CT in cardiovascular diagnosis has become increasingly prominent.  Until today, cardiac imaging was only feasible if the patient’s heart rate was adequately low and stable. 

Now with the Dual Source CT, we are able to perform diagnostic cardiac imaging at higher hear rates than was previously possible.  Because it uses two X-ray sources simultaneously, the Siemens Somatom® Definition™ is designed to be the fastest available CT scanner and offers the lowest possible radiation exposure in Cardiac CT.;

All Cardiac CT angiographies at NYU are performed in the radiology department under the joint supervision of a radiologist and cardiologist.

Siemens Definition