Become A Member

Faculty interested in becoming a member should contact the Research Program Leader(s) of a specific group (mentioned below) and send them his or her completed application and supporting documentation. Upon review, the Program Leader will forward the application package to the Membership Committee for final review and approval.

Research Programs

Research Programs supported by the CCSG are critical to the success of the Perlmutter Cancer Center. Research Programs meet full NCI guidelines, including benchmarks for competitively funded research and highly interactive, multi-investigator projects. All Perlmutter Cancer Center members belong to one of the eight of the Scientific Research Programs and are eligible to join up to two. Below are the Research Programs open for membership.

Disease-Based Research Programs


Iman Osman

Nina Bhardwaj

Breast Cancer

Robert Schneider

Silvia Formenti


Michael Garabedian

Samir Taneja


Basic Science-Based Research Programs

Cancer Immunology

Sandra Demaria

Michael Dustin

Growth Control

Wei Dai

Michele Pagano

Stem Cell Biology

Iannis Aifantis

Ruth Lehmann


Population-Based Research Programs

Environmental and Molecular Carcinogenesis

Max Costa

William Rom

Epidemiology & Cancer Control

Richard Hayes

Brian Schmidt


Disease Management Groups

In addition to the Research Programs, members are also encouraged to attend meetings of the Disease Management Groups (DMGs) that focus on clinical issues related to the full spectrum of human cancers. The DMGs are critical to the research mission of the Perlmutter Cancer Center. Their purpose is to ensure multidisciplinary care, prioritize disease specific clinical research protocols and most importantly serve as incubators for investigator-initiated clinical and translational research studies. All DMGs are linked to one or more of the CCSG Research Programs.

The multidisciplinary DMG teams meet regularly to plan, prioritize, and successfully implement disease or organ-specific protocols, as well as develop systems for banking human samples. DMGs may meet as more classic multidisciplinary "Tumor Boards," with an additional focus on translational research. Active involvement of more basic scientists is encouraged since these investigators can appreciate the challenges of diagnosis and effective therapy. Involvement in a DMG is not required for Perlmutter Cancer Center membership, however, it is encouraged.

Breast Cancer

Silvia Formenti

Yelena Novik

Endocrine Cancer

Keith Heller

Kepal Patel

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Lawrence Leichman

Elliot Newman

Genitourinary Cancer (Prostate, Bladder, & Kidney)

Samir Taneja

Anna Ferrari

Gynocologic Cancers

John Curtin

Amy Tiersten

Head and Neck Cancer

Mark DeLacure

Nicholas Sanfilippo

Hematological Malignancies

Lawrence Gardner



Iman Osman

Anna Pavlick

Neuro-Oncology (Brain & Spinal Cord Cancers)

Jeffery Allen

Ashwatha Narayana

Pediatric Cancers

Elizabeth Raetz

Sharon Gardner

Phase I Clinical Trials

Anna Pavlick

Franco Muggia

Sarcoma Oncology

Linda Granowetter

Timothy Rapp

Thoracic Oncology

Harvey Pass

Abraham Chachoua