Who We Are

The Supportive Services Program's committed, caring team currently consists of seven social workers two nutritionists and two psychiatrists.  Several staff members are bilingual, and interpreter services are available.

Administration and Administrative Staff

  • James Fraiman, MD: Director of Psychosocial Services
  • Wilson Becerra: Administrative Assistant

Clinical Staff

Social Work
Social workers are assigned to patients according to their type of cancer diagnosis.

  • Leah Hamel, LMSW: Gynecologic Cancer, Hematology
  • Deborah Koeppel, LCSW-R: Melanoma, Sarcoma, GI/Colorectal Cancers, Pancreatic Cancer
  • Elizabeth Lytton, LCSW: Neurological, Breast Surgery, Medical Oncology
  • Carmen Morales, LCSW-R: Lung Cancer
  • Christine Nolin, LCSW-R: Hematology
  • Marc Plastrik, LCSW-R: Prostate Cancer
  • Lisa Sevanick, LCSW: Breast Oncology, Gynecology Oncology

Our psychiatrists have a background in psychiatric symptom management in medically ill and cancer patients.

  • Asher Aladjem, MD: Psychiatrist
  • James Fraiman, MD: Clinical Psychiatrist

Nutritionists are assigned according to clinical area of responsibility (Perlmutter Cancer Center unit or floor).

  • Edelina Bustamante, MS, RD: Hematology, Gynecology Oncology
  • Linda Chio, MS, RD: Medical Practices of Floors 7, 8th Floor Lung Cancer practice, 9, Radiation Oncology