Gynecologic Cancer Treatment

When a woman is diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer, Perlmutter Cancer Center experts meet to discuss her condition, consider her lifestyle and needs, and formulate an individualized, optimized approach to her treatment. Depending on the "stage" of the cancer (the type of cancer and the extent of the tumor's growth and spread), our doctors may recommend one or a combination of the following approaches: 

Surgery to remove the tumor and nearby affected tissues. The Perlmutter Cancer Center's gynecologic oncologists are experts in minimally invasive surgery for gynecologic cancer and in treatments that preserve fertility whenever possible. They work closely with high-risk pregnancy specialists to ensure the best possible treatment for patients being treated for gynecologic cancers during pregnancy. In fact, the Perlmutter Cancer Center has been designated a Center of Excellence by Fertile Hope, a national organization providing reproductive information and support to cancer patients whose treatment presents a risk of infertility.

Chemotherapy (the use of one or a combination of drugs that kill cancer cells), which may be used with radiation therapy before surgery to try and shrink the tumor or after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells. Chemotherapy is administered in the Perlmutter Cancer Center by our highly skilled oncology nurses, as prescribed by NYU's cancer experts. Perlmutter Cancer Center cancer specialists are conducting a number of National Cancer Institute-funded and Gynecologic Oncology Group-supported clinical trials evaluating new chemotherapy drugs, targeted biologic agents, innovative chemotherapy combinations, and novel treatment approaches for gynecologic cancers.

Radiation therapy (delivery of finely focused beams of irradiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors), which may be used before surgery to shrink the tumor, or after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells. Radiation therapy is conveniently available in the Perlmutter Cancer Center.