Melanoma Screening

Recommended Screening

Regular self-examination of your skin as well as periodic examinations by a dermatologist are excellent ways to find abnormal skin changes early. This is particularly important for people at increased risk for skin cancer, such as those with a family history of melanoma and those with many irregularly shaped moles. Many skin cancers are curable when found in their earliest stages.

Services Available

Get Screened for Melanoma

To see a physician at NYU Medical Center, please call the NYU Physician Referral Service at 1-888-7-NYU-MED.

NYU's Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology provides services to screen individuals for melanoma, including full body examinations by a physician. Individuals who are at increased risk for the disease may participate in a program that offers whole-body photography. Pictures are taken of the person's skin, and results of subsequent examinations are compared to photographs taken at previous visits as a means of monitoring any dermatological changes that may arise and might require additional treatment.

Each year, the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center provides skin cancer screenings at no cost to the patient. These screenings are offered by the prominent physicians of NYU Medical Center. For more information, visit the Community Programs section of this website, or call the Community Outreach and Education program at 212-263-6342.