Prevention and Screening

Pancreatic cancer is usually found via an imaging test such as CT or MRI scanning or endoscopic ultrasound. NYU has a longstanding tradition of refining the use of imaging in pancreatic cancer care: Ranson's criteria for predicting the outcome of patients with pancreatitis (a major risk factor for pancreatic cancer) were developed at NYU by Drs. John Ranson and Emil Balthazar in the 1970s, and are still widely used.

Today, Perlmutter Cancer Center radiologists are refining the use of imaging tests to determine the best course of therapy for patients with pancreatic cancer, and optimizing the use of MRI for monitoring patients with pancreatic lesions that have the potential to progress to cancer. Our researchers helped write the American College of Radiology's guidelines for monitoring patients with pancreatitis.

In addition, our gastroenterologists are searching for possible biomarkers which could be used to diagnose pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage. Researchers are working with genetically engineered mouse models to test early hypotheses.