Research Areas

Gastric and Eastroesophageal (Stomach) Cancer
Studies involving the use of combinations of systemic chemotherapy (including targeted biologic agents), intraperitoneal chemotherapy, and radiation therapy both before and after surgery.

Colorectal Cancer
Defining populations of patients in early stage disease who might benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy. For those with late stage disease, new colorectal cancer treatment developments including combination chemotherapy programs and targeted drug agents.

Liver Cancer
Hepatocellular carcinoma protocols using bevacizumab, sorafenib, and other anti-angiogenic drugs; treatment options for liver cancer (surgery including liver transplantation, regional treatments such as radiofrequency ablation, ethanol injections, or chemo-embolization.

Pancreatic Cancer
Research focused on locally advanced and metastatic disease, including neoadjuvant therapy for patients with initially unresectable locally advanced disease. For patients with metastatic disease, combination regimens of anti-angiogenesis antibodies with epidermal growth receptor inhibitors.