Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor Rehabilitation and Support Services

Rehabilitation for Children

The Hassenfeld Center, an outpatient day hospital, offers extensive psychosocial and emotional support, education, healing, and wellness services for brain and spinal cord tumor patients-from birth to young adulthood. 

Rehabilitation for Adults

Adult patients who need rehabilitation during or after treatment have access to NYU Langone's renowned Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine.  Rusk offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient brain tumor rehabilitation services. Rusk's physiatrist and rehabilitation team comprehensively evaluate each patient and design a restorative program to meet the needs of both the patient and family.

Rusk's rehabilitation experts give special attention to:

  • motor function
  • cognitive skills
  • communication skills
  • swallowing
  • coordination
  • pain management
  • psychological adjustment
  • vocational adjustment
  • family counseling and support 

While undergoing rehabilitation, patients may continue to be followed by a neurologist, oncologist, or surgeon and may continue to receive radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy as needed.

Support Services

NYU Langone's social workers and nutritionists work with patients and their families to provide nutritional information, emotional support, and practical assistance. For more information, call 212-731-5480.