Message from the Director

Photo of William L. Carroll, MDCancer is a complex set of diseases. But every day that complexity is yielding some of its mysteries to a research community that has been tirelessly and creatively attacking the problem from many different angles.

I’m proud to say many of the breakthroughs are coming from researchers here at Perlmutter Cancer Center. In this issue, we zoom in on some of the highly promising leads our team has been pursuing in melanoma research. As you’ll see, some of these advances are rooted in a stream of exciting new insights into the relationship between cancer and the immune system. And as always, all of us are pushing hard to bring this sort of progress from the laboratory to the patient as quickly as we can.

Needless to say, achieving these advances depends on the expertise, creativity, and commitment of our researchers and clinicians. Much of the Perlmutter Cancer Center’s most impactful research has emerged from the labs of our experts. NYU Langone has long been a leader in the extensive, demanding training required to prepare the next generation of physician-scientists, and in this issue we take a look at two of our highly respected fellowship programs—and we also introduce a new fellowship that will be among the first few of its kind in the United States.

We have good reason to believe that many of today’s research breakthroughs will indeed become tomorrow’s improved treatments. But we never lose sight of the fact that patients need the very best care they can get right now. And providing good care isn’t just a matter of state-of-the-art treatment. To illustrate how much goes on in supporting our patients in every possible way, this issue also provides a window into the front-line work of our oncology social workers and nurse practitioners, among others.

Research, education, and patient care—these are three of the key components needed to give all patients the best chance possible to beat cancer, now and for the future. I hope you find this issue enlightening as we explore how all three approaches work together.


William L. Carroll, MD
The Julie and Edward J. Minskoff Professor of Pediatrics
Professor of Pathology
Director, Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Medical Center