Gift of Over $50 Million from Laura and Isaac Perlmutter to Advance Cancer Research and Treatment

NYU Cancer Institute and Its Programs and Facilities to Be Renamed the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone

NYU Langone Medical Center has received a gift of more than $50 million from Laura and Isaac Perlmutter and the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Foundation, Inc., to advance cancer research and treatment. The NYU Cancer Institute’s adult can- cer services, as well as its numerous research programs and facilities, are being renamed the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone.

The donation, part of a larger, long-term commitment by the Perlmutters to NYU Langone, will enhance cancer research, education, and patient care, with the goal of achieving better outcomes for adult patients. (Cancer services for children are funded separately by other benefactors.) It will allow us to seamlessly integrate our programs in cancer care, research, and education across all disciplines, regardless of their physical locations in our growing care network. It will also ensure that all facilities embraced by the new Perlmutter Cancer Center will have the dynamic infrastructure needed to strengthen the bridges between our scientists and clinicians. Equally important, this support will help to attract and retain nationally recognized faculty members, both physicians and laboratory scientists; improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; and train the next generation of leaders in this field at NYU School of Medicine.

As one of only 68 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers in the U.S., NYU Langone meets rigorous criteria for world-class, state-of-the-art programs in multidisciplinary cancer research. The clinicians and researchers of the Perlmutter Cancer Center will strive to deepen our understanding of how cancer develops, pro- gresses, and sometimes eludes currently available treatments.

“This is a truly transformative gift that will have a catalytic effect on enhancing our research and clinical programs.”

Laura Perlmutter has been a member of the NYU Langone community for more than 30 years, starting as a volunteer in the Women’s Auxiliary in Tisch Hospital’s gift shop, and later becoming president of the auxiliary from 1985 to 1992. She has been a member of the Medical Center’s Board of Trustees since 1985 and a member of the Cancer Advisory Board since 2005. Isaac Perlmutter is the chair of Marvel Entertainment, one of the world’s foremost character-based entertainment companies. Until that company’s acquisition by The Walt Disney Company in 2009, he was Marvel’s chief executive officer and its largest stockholder. He was recently named to the Medical Center’s Board of Trustees. Prior to their current pledge, the Perlmutters contributed over $8 million in support of NYU Langone, including funding for the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Gynecologi- cal Cancer Care Center.

“This is a truly transformative gift that will have a catalytic effect on enhancing our research and clinical programs,” says William L. Carroll, MD, the Julie and Edward J. Minskoff Professor of Pediatrics, professor of pathology, and director of the Perlmutter Cancer Center.

(Dr. Carroll will be stepping down as director to focus more fully on his clinical and laboratory research in childhood leukemia. A nationwide search for his successor is under way.) This gift is expected to catapult the Medical Center’s cancer programs into the forefront of oncology, accelerating our investments and recruitments in areas such as stem cell/immunotherapy, cancer genetics and epigenetics, imaging, community outreach, and supportive oncology. “Laurie is one of the founding members of our Cancer Advisory Board,” adds Dr. Carroll. “Anyone who knows Ike knows that he doesn’t invest in something that isn’t going to pay off. Their investment in us is a validation of our strategy—and a remarkable vote of confidence in our future.”

Among the new programs at the Perlmutter Cancer Center that will be created or enriched by this extraordinary gift are the Center for Advanced Diag- nostics; the Cancer Screening Center; the Brain Tumor Center, a preeminent treatment and research center composed of a world-class multidisciplinary team of experts; and the Integrative and Supportive Oncology Program, the fourth pillar of care alongside surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

“Relationships are what set our Cancer Center apart. We build them, sustain and strengthen them, and this remarkable community provides the personal care and extraordinary commitment that remains the core of our center,” says Lori Fink, chair of the Cancer Advisory Board and a Medical Center trustee. (Her husband, Laurence D. Fink, is the co-chair of the Medical Center’s Board of Trustees.) “Through my work with Laurie and Ike on the Advisory Board, I’ve learned how much it means to them to give back to an institution they consider to be part of their own family.”

“We are longtime supporters of NYU Langone,” says Laura Perlmutter, “but the transformation of the Medical Center under the leadership of Dean Grossman, Ken Langone, and Larry Fink drove us to consider a much more significant level of support. Larry, and particularly Lori, made us realize how a gift such as ours could catalyze even more dramatic results for the Perlmutter Cancer Center and the research community at large.”