KiDS Of NYU Langone Foundation 2012 Springfling Gala Raises Nearly $900,000

More than 350 Guests Honor Jeffrey C. Allen, MD, a Pioneer in Pediatric Neurology

NYU Langone Medical Center announced today that the KiDS of NYU Langone Foundation, Inc., raised nearly $900,000 at its annual gala—the 2012 Springfling—held Tuesday evening at The Plaza Hotel. This year’s event honored Jeffrey C. Allen, MD, the Otto and Marguerite Manley and Making Headway Foundation Professor of Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, who directs pediatric and adult neuro-oncology and neurofibromatosis programs at NYU Langone, for his extraordinary contributions to pediatric neurology. 

Dr. Allen is a leader in his field, specializing in the care of children and young adults with brain and spinal cord tumors and neurofibromatosis. His special area of focus includes developing innovative therapies for children with newly diagnosed and recurrent tumors of the central nervous system. Two of his patients, ages 11 and 21, took the podium to share their stories about the life-changing treatment they received from Dr. Allen and his team. 
Special guests in attendance included: Heather and Felix Baker, Monica Corsi, Trudy and Robert Gottesman, Antonio Magliocco, Jr. and Carla Solomon, PhD, Alice and Tom Tisch, and Susi and Peter Wunsch. The event was co-chaired by Meg and Guy Geslin, Maya and Edward Manley, and Debbie Wisoff and Jeffrey H. Wisoff, MD. 
Two devoted individuals, Maya and Edward Manley, were presented with a gift in recognition of their loving generosity and dedication to young patients and their families at NYU Langone. The Manleys have given generously—both personally and through The Making Headway Foundation, which is dedicated to the care, comfort and cure of children with brain and spinal cord tumors. They also volunteer enormous amounts of time to help care for children. 
Alice Tisch, chair of KiDS of NYU Langone, expressed the organization’s thanks to the friends and supporters who packed The Plaza’s Grand Ballroom for the gala. “For 21 years, we have worked hard to give children with medical needs a chance at more normal lives. Today, the evidence of KiDS involvement is everywhere. Your support is helping to create the new Pediatric Emergency Care Center and has already helped renovate the KiDS Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as well as support countless programs for children at Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center. Just by being here tonight, you’ve joined our efforts and we thank you for your ongoing support,” said Mrs. Tisch. 
While addressing the guests, Robert I. Grossman, MD, dean and CEO of NYU Langone Medical Center, said, “Dr. Jeffrey Allen represents the best of NYU Langone’s collaborative, family-focused work supported by KiDS and we are delighted to thank and honor him tonight. There is no doubt the collaboration that Dr. Allen and others stand for is the key to our success. My biggest thank you goes out to everyone here tonight. Thank you for supporting KiDS of NYU Langone, for supporting our medical center, and most of all, thank you for supporting children.”
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