Perlmutter Cancer Center Reports

2012/2013 Report

NYU Cancer Institute Report 2012/2013

The Cancer Institute at NYU Langone Medical Center fosters a culture of excellence, commitment, and discovery and aims to eradicate the personal and societal burden of cancer through connections between science and the community. The Cancer Institute is a clinical incubator that extends beyond the traditional walls of an academic center to capitalize on its synergistic relationship between public service and the diverse cultural and socio-economic landscape in which it operates – New York City.

Key stories focus on:

  • neuro-oncology and our brain tumor program
  • the impact of daily health choices
  • advanced molecular diagnostics
  • radiation therapy and immunology
  • supportive care for the whole patient
  • and teaming up to outwit pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Download the 2012/2013 NYU Cancer Institute Report (PDF)

2010/2011 Report

NYU Cancer Institute Report 2010/2011

What do thumbprints, matchmaking, thread, dominoes, flowers & tricycles have in common? Through a series of creative metaphors, the NYU Cancer Institute 2010/2011 Report illustrates how our collaborative research programs are unified in support of a common goal: eliminating the burden of cancer. In addition to highlighting some of the peer-reviewed publications of our expert physician scientists, the report outlines six stories of discovery including:

  • Thumbprints: The microbiome’s role in the development of certain cancers
  • Matchmaking: A searchable chemical biology network designed to support the drug development process
  • Thread: New insights into how epigenetics can influence the development of new treatments
  • Dominoes: Innovations in symptom and pain management
  • Flowers: Caring for the caregiver
  • Tricycles: Survivorship

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Download the 2010/2011 NYU Cancer Institute Report (PDF)

2009 Report

2009 Annual Report Cover

New York City...a global population...a densely urban ideal opportunity to take on cancer from the outside in. Today, the NYU Cancer Institute is building a powerful hub of environmental and population scientists to make the most of this singular urban laboratory. Already known for our work in community outreach and environmental science, we are increasing our focus on understanding cancer disparities in ethnically diverse populations and unlocking the secrets of environmental oncogenesis. Serving and learning from all of New York's patients, we are advancing cancer research and care.

Download the 2009 Annual Report (PDF)

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