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Raloxifene Study: Enrolling women between the ages of 55-70 (Raloxifene Study):

Are you concerned about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but also concerned about memory loss and changes in mood during menapause? You may want to consider volunteering for a research study evaluating the effectiveness of Raloxifene (a SERM) for these quality of life changes. Raloxifene is an FDA approved drug used for osteoporosis and has been prescribed to postmenopausal women since 1997, without report of the side effects of concern with other HRTs. In fact, in healthy postmenopausal women, Raloxifene therapy has been demonstrated to prevent bone loss [1], decreases serum cholesterol levels [2] and act as an estrogen antagonist in the breast and uterus [3].

1 Delmas, et al., New Engl J Med, 1997, 337:1641-1647.
2 Walsh, et al., JAMA, 1998, 279:1445-1451.
3 Khovidhunkit & Shoback, Ann Inter Med, 1999, 130: 431-439.,

If you are interested in participating or in obtaining more information please call the Brain Research Laboratories at 212-263-6288 and identify the study in which you are interested (Raloxifene).