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Longitudinal Follow-up of Cognitive Dysfunction in the Elderly

Dr. Leslie Prichep is currently engaged in QEEG assessment of the evolution of brain abnormalities in a large cohort of elderly patients who were evaluated by extensive clinical examinations. This research has revealed consistent and systematic development of abnormal brain electrical activity with increasing cognitive impairment,. More importantly, Dr. Prichep has shown that the profiles of QEEG in elderly patients who are objectively asymptomatic but who have memory complaints accurately identify those who will or will not go on to objectively demonstrable cognitive impairment within 7 to 10 years. A replication is currently underway.

Using state-of-the-art mathematical methods to identify the most probable underlying sources of the scalp recorded EEG, we are currently exploring evidence for the identification of the earliest signs of brain dysfunction in these patients at the time of their asymptomatic baselines. Such studies indicate early dysfunction in the same brain regions shown to be abnormal at a later time by conventional brain imaging methods.

For more information about our recent publication on early prediction of dementia, please call 212-263-8808.

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