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BRL Research

Current Research
Precise analysis of brain functions in normal subjects engaged in cognitive activity and in patients with developmental, neurological and psychiatric disorders; aggressive intervention in patients who are in coma, persistent vegetative or minimally conscious state; new QEEG brain imaging technologies.

Basic and clinically applied research using a method of quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) called Neurometrics.

Support from NIDA for the study of biobehavioral heterogeneity; a grant from Eli Lilly to look at the effectiveness of Raloxifene in the treatment of mood and memory problems in menopausal women.

Technology Development
BRL staff members hold over 25 patents related to biomedical instrumentation, all assigned to New York University, which has licensed many for industrial development.

A listing of papers authored or co-authored by Dr. E.R. John and Dr. L.S. Prichep from 2000 to 2005.