NYU Brain Research Laboratories (BRL)

BRL was established at NYU School of Medicine in 1976 within the Department of Psychiatry. Since this time, researchers have conducted both basic and clinically applied research using quantitative analysis of brain electrical activity in the study of normal subjects, patients with neuropsychiatric disorders, patients with learning and cognitive disorders, and patients with disturbances in consciousness. Through funded studies over the years, BRL has contributed significantly to a better understanding of the pathophysiology in such disorders and in building the bridges between such understanding and optimization of treatment outcome and evolution of disorders.

Scientists at BRL were the first to publish normative equations demonstrating that features of the EEG were lawful as a function of age. These norms (age 6-90 years) have been replicated in over 10 countries, demonstrating the norms to be culture and ethnic free. The database of electrophysiological data constructed over the past 30 years is the largest of its kind in the world and is the foundation of both current and future research.


A New Analysis of a Standard Brain Test May Help Predict Dementia: More information about our recent publication.


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