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Inter-rater reliability between expert emergency physician sonographers reviewing deep venous thrombosis ultrasound studies
Novik, J; Zakharchenko, S; Vermeulen, M; Berkowitz, R; Blackstock, U; Menlove, S
2014-12-04; 0196-0644,Annals of emergency medicine - id: 1362582, year: 2014

Shape-programmed folding of stimuli-responsive polymer bilayers
Stoychev, Georgi; Zakharchenko, Svetlana; Turcaud, Sebastien; Dunlop, John W C; Ionov, Leonid
2014-04-25; 1936-0851,ACS nano - id: 914762, year: 2012 Journal Article

Fully biodegradable self-rolled polymer tubes: a candidate for tissue engineering scaffolds
Zakharchenko, Svetlana; Sperling, Evgeni; Ionov, Leonid
2014-04-25; 1525-7797,Biomacromolecules - id: 914752, year: 2011 Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't