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Optimization of Prostate Biopsy: The Role of MRI Targeted Biopsy in Detection, Localization, and Risk Assessment
Bjurlin, Marc A; Meng, Xiaosong; Le Nobin, Julien; Wysock, James S; Lepor, Herbert; Rosenkrantz, Andrew B; Taneja, Samir S
2014-04-30; 0022-5347,Journal of urology - id: 931792, year: 2014 REVIEW

Optimization of Prostate Biopsy: Review of Technique and Complications
Bjurlin, Marc A; Wysock, James S; Taneja, Samir S
2014-04-25; 0094-0143,Urologic clinics of North America - id: 914772, year: 2014 REVIEW

Can Selective Arterial Clamping With Fluorescence Imaging Preserve Kidney Function During Robotic Partial Nephrectomy?
McClintock, Tyler R; Bjurlin, Marc A; Wysock, James S; Borofsky, Michael S; Marien, Tracy P; Okoro, Chinonyerem; Stifelman, Michael D
2014-06-14; 0090-4295,Urology - id: 1033462, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

National Trends in the Utilization of Partial Nephrectomy Before and After the Establishment of AUA Guidelines for the Management of Renal Masses
Bjurlin, Marc A; Walter, Dawn; Taksler, Glen B; Huang, William C; Wysock, James S; Sivarajan, Ganesh; Loeb, Stacy; Taneja, Samir S; Makarov, Danil V
2013-12-10; 0090-4295,Urology - id: 666322, year: 2013 Journal Article

A Prospective, Blinded Comparison of Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging-Ultrasound Fusion and Visual Estimation in the Performance of MR-targeted Prostate Biopsy: The PROFUS Trial
Wysock, James S; Rosenkrantz, Andrew B; Huang, William C; Stifelman, Michael D; Lepor, Herbert; Deng, Fang-Ming; Melamed, Jonathan; Taneja, Samir S
2013-12-10; 0302-2838,European urology - id: 666702, year: 2013 JOURNAL ARTICLE