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Samuel D. Wright, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor;
Department of Medicine (GIM Div)

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High-density lipoprotein mediates anti-inflammatory reprogramming of macrophages via the transcriptional regulator ATF3
De Nardo, Dominic; Labzin, Larisa I; Kono, Hajime; Seki, Reiko; Schmidt, Susanne V; Beyer, Marc; Xu, Dakang; Zimmer, Sebastian; Lahrmann, Catharina; Schildberg, Frank A; Vogelhuber, Johanna; Kraut, Michael; Ulas, Thomas; Kerksiek, Anja; Krebs, Wolfgang; Bode, Niklas; Grebe, Alena; Fitzgerald, Michael L; Hernandez, Nicholas J; Williams, Bryan R G; Knolle, Percy; Kneilling, Manfred; Rocken, Martin; Lutjohann, Dieter; Wright, Samuel D; Schultze, Joachim L; Latz, Eicke
2013 Dec;:152-160, Nature immunology
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Self-administered substance use screening and assessment in primary care settings: Test-retest reliability of an audio computerized-assisted self interview (ACASI) version of the assist
McNeely, J; Strauss, S; Khan, R; Wright, S; Rotrosen, J; Gourevitch, M N
2012 July 2012;27:S306-S306, Journal of general internal medicine
— id: 781622, year: 2012, vol: 27, page: S306, stat: Journal Article,

NLRP3 inflammasomes are required for atherogenesis and activated by cholesterol crystals
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11beta-HSD1 inhibition ameliorates metabolic syndrome and prevents progression of atherosclerosis in mice
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Deficiency in sPLA(2) does not affect HDL levels or atherosclerosis in mice
Burton, Charlotte A; Patel, Sushma; Mundt, Steven; Hassing, Heide; Zhang, Donghui; Hermanowski-Vosatka, Anne; Wright, Samuel D; Chao, Yu-Sheng; Detmers, Patricia A; Sparrow, Carl P
2002 May;294(1):88-94, Biochemical & biophysical research communications
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Simvastatin reduces neointimal thickening in low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice after experimental angioplasty without changing plasma lipids
Chen, Zhiping; Fukutomi, Tatsuya; Zago, Alexandre C; Ehlers, Raila; Detmers, Patricia A; Wright, Samuel D; Rogers, Campbell; Simon, Daniel I
2002 Jul;106(1):20-23, Circulation
— id: 729422, year: 2002, vol: 106, page: 20, stat: Journal Article,

Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) mediates activation of stress-activated MAP kinase p38
Vasselon, Thierry; Hanlon, William A; Wright, Samuel D; Detmers, Patricia A
2002 Mar;71(3):503-510, Journal of leukocyte biology
— id: 729322, year: 2002, vol: 71, page: 503, stat: Journal Article,

27-hydroxycholesterol is an endogenous ligand for liver X receptor in cholesterol-loaded cells
Fu, X; Menke, J G; Chen, Y; Zhou, G; MacNaul, K L; Wright, S D; Sparrow, C P; Lund, E G
2001 Oct;276(42):38378-38387, Journal of biological chemistry
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Production of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in CaCO-2 cells in response to inflammatory stimuli
Gan, X; Wong, B; Wright, S D; Cai, T Q
2001 Feb;21(2):93-98, Journal of interferon & cytokine research
— id: 729372, year: 2001, vol: 21, page: 93, stat: Journal Article,

ApoE(-/-) mice develop atherosclerosis in the absence of complement component C5
Patel, S; Thelander, E M; Hernandez, M; Montenegro, J; Hassing, H; Burton, C; Mundt, S; Hermanowski-Vosatka, A; Wright, S D; Chao, Y S; Detmers, P A
2001 Aug;286(1):164-170, Biochemical & biophysical research communications
— id: 729342, year: 2001, vol: 286, page: 164, stat: Journal Article,

Simvastatin has anti-inflammatory and antiatherosclerotic activities independent of plasma cholesterol lowering
Sparrow, C P; Burton, C A; Hernandez, M; Mundt, S; Hassing, H; Patel, S; Rosa, R; Hermanowski-Vosatka, A; Wang, P R; Zhang, D; Peterson, L; Detmers, P A; Chao, Y S; Wright, S D
2001 Jan;21(1):115-121, Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, & vascular biology
— id: 729442, year: 2001, vol: 21, page: 115, stat: Journal Article,

Soluble CD14 mediates efflux of phospholipids from cells
Sugiyama, T; Wright, S D
2001 Jan;166(2):826-831, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729382, year: 2001, vol: 166, page: 826, stat: Journal Article,

11 Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 is induced in human monocytes upon differentiation to macrophages
Thieringer, R; Le Grand, C B; Carbin, L; Cai, T Q; Wong, B; Wright, S D; Hermanowski-Vosatka, A
2001 Jul;167(1):30-35, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729352, year: 2001, vol: 167, page: 30, stat: Journal Article,

Statins suppress THP-1 cell migration and secretion of matrix metalloproteinase 9 by inhibiting geranylgeranylation
Wong, B; Lumma, W C; Smith, A M; Sisko, J T; Wright, S D; Cai, T Q
2001 Jun;69(6):959-962, Journal of leukocyte biology
— id: 729362, year: 2001, vol: 69, page: 959, stat: Journal Article,

Deficiency in inducible nitric oxide synthase results in reduced atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice
Detmers, P A; Hernandez, M; Mudgett, J; Hassing, H; Burton, C; Mundt, S; Chun, S; Fletcher, D; Card, D J; Lisnock, J; Weikel, R; Bergstrom, J D; Shevell, D E; Hermanowski-Vosatka, A; Sparrow, C P; Chao, Y S; Rader, D J; Wright, S D; Pure, E
2000 Sep;165(6):3430-3435, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729392, year: 2000, vol: 165, page: 3430, stat: Journal Article,

A target for cholesterol absorption inhibitors in the enterocyte brush border membrane
Detmers, P A; Patel, S; Hernandez, M; Montenegro, J; Lisnock, J M; Pikounis, B; Steiner, M; Kim, D; Sparrow, C; Chao, Y S; Wright, S D
2000 Jul;1486(2-3):243-252, Biochimica & biophysica acta
— id: 729452, year: 2000, vol: 1486, page: 243, stat: Journal Article,

Intestinal absorption of cholesterol is mediated by a saturable, inhibitable transporter
Hernandez, M; Montenegro, J; Steiner, M; Kim, D; Sparrow, C; Detmers, P A; Wright, S D; Chao, Y S
2000 Jul;1486(2-3):232-242, Biochimica & biophysica acta
— id: 729462, year: 2000, vol: 1486, page: 232, stat: Journal Article,

Activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma does not inhibit IL-6 or TNF-alpha responses of macrophages to lipopolysaccharide in vitro or in vivo
Thieringer, R; Fenyk-Melody, J E; Le Grand, C B; Shelton, B A; Detmers, P A; Somers, E P; Carbin, L; Moller, D E; Wright, S D; Berger, J
2000 Jan;164(2):1046-1054, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729482, year: 2000, vol: 164, page: 1046, stat: Journal Article,

Infectious agents are not necessary for murine atherogenesis
Wright, S D; Burton, C; Hernandez, M; Hassing, H; Montenegro, J; Mundt, S; Patel, S; Card, D J; Hermanowski-Vosatka, A; Bergstrom, J D; Sparrow, C P; Detmers, P A; Chao, Y S
2000 Apr;191(8):1437-1442, Journal of experimental medicine
— id: 729472, year: 2000, vol: 191, page: 1437, stat: Journal Article,

A fluorescent cholesterol analog traces cholesterol absorption in hamsters and is esterified in vivo and in vitro
Sparrow, C P; Patel, S; Baffic, J; Chao, Y S; Hernandez, M; Lam, M H; Montenegro, J; Wright, S D; Detmers, P A
1999 Oct;40(10):1747-1757, Journal of lipid research
— id: 729502, year: 1999, vol: 40, page: 1747, stat: Journal Article,

15-Deoxy-Delta12,1412,14-prostaglandin J2 inhibits the beta2 integrin-dependent oxidative burst: involvement of a mechanism distinct from peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma ligation
Vaidya, S; Somers, E P; Wright, S D; Detmers, P A; Bansal, V S
1999 Dec;163(11):6187-6192, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729492, year: 1999, vol: 163, page: 6187, stat: Journal Article,

A prospective clinical comparison of two intravenous polyurethane cannulae
Russell, W J; Micik, S; Gourd, S; Mackay, H; Wright, S
1997 Feb;25(1):42-47, Anaesthesia & intensive care
— id: 1387732, year: 1997, vol: 25, page: 42, stat: Journal Article,

Potential role of membrane internalization and vesicle fusion in adhesion of neutrophils in response to lipopolysaccharide and TNF
Detmers, P A; Thieblemont, N; Vasselon, T; Pironkova, R; Miller, D S; Wright, S D
1996 Dec;157(12):5589-5596, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729512, year: 1996, vol: 157, page: 5589, stat: Journal Article,

Stimulation of macrophages and neutrophils by complexes of lipopolysaccharide and soluble CD14
Hailman, E; Vasselon, T; Kelley, M; Busse, L A; Hu, M C; Lichenstein, H S; Detmers, P A; Wright, S D
1996 Jun;156(11):4384-4390, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729522, year: 1996, vol: 156, page: 4384, stat: Journal Article,

A prospective clinical comparison of two intravenous polyurethane cannulae
Russell, W J; Micik, S; Gourd, S; MacKay, H; Wright, S
1996 Dec;24(6):705-709, Anaesthesia & intensive care
— id: 1387722, year: 1996, vol: 24, page: 705, stat: Journal Article,

Ligand specificity of purified complement receptor type three (CD11b/CD18, alpha m beta 2, Mac-1). Indirect effects of an Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) sequence
Van Strijp, J A; Russell, D G; Tuomanen, E; Brown, E J; Wright, S D
1993 Sep;151(6):3324-3336, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729402, year: 1993, vol: 151, page: 3324, stat: Journal Article,

CD11c/CD18 on neutrophils recognizes a domain at the N terminus of the A alpha chain of fibrinogen
Loike, J D; Sodeik, B; Cao, L; Leucona, S; Weitz, J I; Detmers, P A; Wright, S D; Silverstein, S C
1991 Feb;88(3):1044-1048, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)
— id: 729542, year: 1991, vol: 88, page: 1044, stat: Journal Article,

Activation of the adhesive capacity of CR3 on neutrophils by endotoxin: dependence on lipopolysaccharide binding protein and CD14
Wright, S D; Ramos, R A; Hermanowski-Vosatka, A; Rockwell, P; Detmers, P A
1991 May;173(5):1281-1286, Journal of experimental medicine
— id: 729532, year: 1991, vol: 173, page: 1281, stat: Journal Article,

Lipophosphoglycan from Leishmania mexicana promastigotes binds to members of the CR3, p150,95 and LFA-1 family of leukocyte integrins
Talamas-Rohana, P; Wright, S D; Lennartz, M R; Russell, D G
1990 Jun;144(12):4817-4824, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 582392, year: 1990, vol: 144, page: 4817, stat: Journal Article,

CD18-deficient cells respond to lipopolysaccharide in vitro
Wright, S D; Detmers, P A; Aida, Y; Adamowski, R; Anderson, D C; Chad, Z; Kabbash, L G; Pabst, M J
1990 Apr;144(7):2566-2571, Journal of immunology (1950)
— id: 729552, year: 1990, vol: 144, page: 2566, stat: Journal Article,

Transient adhesion of neutrophils to endothelium
Lo, S K; Detmers, P A; Levin, S M; Wright, S D
1989 May;169(5):1779-1793, Journal of experimental medicine
— id: 729562, year: 1989, vol: 169, page: 1779, stat: Journal Article,

Adhesion-promoting receptors on leukocytes
Detmers, P A; Wright, S D
1988 Sep-Oct;1(1):10-15, Current opinion in immunology
— id: 729582, year: 1988, vol: 1, page: 10, stat: Journal Article,

Clustering of ligand on the surface of a particle enhances adhesion to receptor-bearing cells
Hermanowski-Vosatka, A; Detmers, P A; Gotze, O; Silverstein, S C; Wright, S D
1988 Nov;263(33):17822-17827, Journal of biological chemistry
— id: 729572, year: 1988, vol: 263, page: 17822, stat: Journal Article,

Complement receptor type 3 (CR3) binds to an Arg-Gly-Asp-containing region of the major surface glycoprotein, gp63, of Leishmania promastigotes
Russell, D G; Wright, S D
1988 Jul;168(1):279-292, Journal of experimental medicine
— id: 583092, year: 1988, vol: 168, page: 279, stat: Journal Article,

Adhesion-promoting receptors on phagocytes
Wright, S D; Detmers, P A
1988 ;9:99-120, Journal of cell science. Supplement
— id: 729592, year: 1988, vol: 9, page: 99, stat: Journal Article,

Aggregation of complement receptors on human neutrophils in the absence of ligand
Detmers, P A; Wright, S D; Olsen, E; Kimball, B; Cohn, Z A
1987 Sep;105(3):1137-1145, Journal of cell biology
— id: 729602, year: 1987, vol: 105, page: 1137, stat: Journal Article,

Interferon-gamma depresses binding of ligand by C3b and C3bi receptors on cultured human monocytes, an effect reversed by fibronectin
Wright, S D; Detmers, P A; Jong, M T; Meyer, B C
1986 May;163(5):1245-1259, Journal of experimental medicine
— id: 729612, year: 1986, vol: 163, page: 1245, stat: Journal Article,

Identification of the C3bi receptor of human monocytes and macrophages by using monoclonal antibodies
Wright SD; Rao PE; Van Voorhis WC; Craigmyle LS; Iida K; Talle MA; Westberg EF; Goldstein G; Silverstein SC
1983 Sep;80(18):5699-5703, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)
— id: 62249, year: 1983, vol: 80, page: 5699, stat: Journal Article,