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Herbert J. Wisnicki, M.D.

Adjunct Professor;
Department of Ophthalmology (Resident Train )

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Board Certification

1987 — Ab Ophthalmology - Ophthalmology


1981 — S.U.N.Y., Syracuse, Medical Education
1981-1982 — Framingham Union Hospital (Rotating), Internship
1982-2008 — Mount Sinai Medical Center (Ophthalmology), Residency Training
1985-1986 — Johns Hopkins Hospital (Pediatric Ophthal), Clinical Fellowships

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All data from NYU Health Sciences Library Faculty Bibliography — -


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Retinal artery embolization: a rare presentation of calcific aortic stenosis
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Origin of the foveal granular pattern in entoptic viewing
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Deteriorated accommodative esotropia
Wisnicki, H J
1994 ;253:63-65, Bulletin de la Societe belge d'ophtalmologie
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A comparison of the success rates of resident and attending strabismus surgery
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Rapid determination of intraocular lens tilt and decentration through the undilated pupil
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Standardization of computer systems for logging operative cases
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The Wilmer Information System. A classification and retrieval system for information on diagnosis and therapy in ophthalmology
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A modified corneal light reflex test with distance fixation
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Freezing increment in keratophakia
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A simple computerized neuroanatomical data collection system
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Locus coeruleus modulation of dorsal horn unit responses to cutaneous stimulation
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