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Homer D Venters

Clinical Instructor;
Department of Medicine (Medicine)

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Diversion of patients with mental illness from court-ordered care to immigration detention
Venters, Homer; Keller, Allen S
2012 Apr;63(4):377-379, Psychiatric services
— id: 165660, year: 2012, vol: 63, page: 377, stat: Journal Article,

Medical advocacy on behalf of detained immigrants
Venters, Homer D; Foote, Mary; Keller, Allen S
2011 Jun;13(3):625-628, Journal of immigrant & minority health
— id: 132305, year: 2011, vol: 13, page: 625, stat: Journal Article,

Mental health concerns among African immigrants
Venters, Homer; Adekugbe, Olayinka; Massaquoi, Jacob; Nadeau, Cheryl; Saul, Jack; Gany, Francesca
2011 Aug;13(4):795-797, Journal of immigrant & minority health
— id: 138312, year: 2011, vol: 13, page: 795, stat: Journal Article,

African immigrant health
Venters, Homer; Gany, Francesca
2011 Apr;13(2):333-344, Journal of immigrant & minority health
— id: 138356, year: 2011, vol: 13, page: 333, stat: Journal Article,

The immigration detention health plan: an acute care model for a chronic care population
Venters, Homer D; Keller, Allen S
2009 ;20(4):951-957, Journal of health care for the poor & underserved
— id: 111659, year: 2009, vol: 20, page: 951, stat: Journal Article,

HIV screening and care for immigration detainees
Venters, Homer D; McNeely, Jennifer; Keller, Allen S
2009 ;11(2):89-100, Health & human rights
— id: 112554, year: 2009, vol: 11, page: 89, stat: Journal Article,

Who is Jack Bauer?
Venters, Homer Drae
2008 Nov;372(9653):1924-1925, Lancet
— id: 159103, year: 2008, vol: 372, page: 1924, stat: Journal Article,

Bringing health care advocacy to a public defender's office
Venters, Homer; Lainer-Vos, Jesse; Razvi, Asiya; Crawford, Jennifer; Venable, Porsha Shaf'on; Drucker, Ernest
2008 Nov;98(11):1953-1955, American journal of public health. AJPH
— id: 159100, year: 2008, vol: 98, page: 1953, stat: Journal Article,

The case of Scott Ortiz: a clash between criminal justice and public health
Venters, Homer D; Razvi, Asiya M; Tobia, Maria S; Drucker, Ernest
2006 ;3:21-21, Harm reduction journal
— id: 159096, year: 2006, vol: 3, page: 21, stat: Journal Article,

Differential effect of serotonin on cytokine production in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells: involvement of 5-hydroxytryptamine2A receptors
Cloez-Tayarani, Isabelle; Petit-Bertron, Anne-France; Venters, Homer D; Cavaillon, Jean-Marc
2003 Feb;15(2):233-240, International immunology
— id: 159079, year: 2003, vol: 15, page: 233, stat: Journal Article,

IL-10 promotes survival of microglia without activating Akt
Strle, Klemen; Zhou, Jian Hua; Broussard, Suzanne R; Venters, Homer D; Johnson, Rodney W; Freund, Gregory G; Dantzer, Robert; Kelley, Keith W
2002 Jan;122(1-2):9-19, Journal of neuroimmunology
— id: 159075, year: 2002, vol: 122, page: 9, stat: Journal Article,