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Ana Tuyama, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor;
Department of Medicine (Medicine)

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Insulin-Stimulated Degradation of Apolipoprotein B100: Roles of Class II Phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase and Autophagy
Andreo, Ursula; Guo, Liang; Chirieac, Doru V; Tuyama, Ana C; Montenont, Emilie; Brodsky, Jeffrey L; Fisher, Edward A
2013 ;8(3):e57590-e57590 e57590, PLoS one
— id: 248342, year: 2013, vol: 8, page: e57590, stat: Journal Article,

Niacin (vitamin B3, nicotinic acid) decreases VLDLA-polipoprotein B secretion and reduces hepatic and blood lipid concentrations: Roles of niacin metabolism and autophagy degradation
Guo, L; Tuyama, A; Butkinaree, C; Chung, K; O'Donnell, M D; Montenont, E; Fisher, E A
2013 April 2013;27:-, FASEB journal
— id: 550802, year: 2013, vol: 27, page: , stat: Journal Article,

Mercaptopurine-induced hepatoportal sclerosis in a patient with Crohn's disease
Tuyama, Ana C; Krakauer, Mark; Alzaabi, Mohamed; Fiel, Maria Isabel; Legnani, Peter; Schiano, Thomas D
2013 Aug;7(7):590-593, Journal of Crohn's & colitis
— id: 962932, year: 2013, vol: 7, page: 590, stat: Journal Article,

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Tuyama, Ana C; Chang, Charissa Y
2012 Sep;4(3):266-280, Journal of diabetes
— id: 962922, year: 2012, vol: 4, page: 266, stat: Journal Article,

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 infects human hepatic stellate cells and promotes collagen I and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression: implications for the pathogenesis of HIV/hepatitis C virus-induced liver fibrosis
Tuyama, Ana C; Hong, Feng; Saiman, Yedidya; Wang, Chuansheng; Ozkok, Derya; Mosoian, Arevik; Chen, Ping; Chen, Benjamin K; Klotman, Mary E; Bansal, Meena B
2010 Aug;52(2):612-622, Hepatology
— id: 135442, year: 2010, vol: 52, page: 612, stat: Journal Article,

Hepatic stellate cells express functional CXCR4: role in stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha-mediated stellate cell activation
Hong, Feng; Tuyama, Ana; Lee, Ting Fang; Loke, Johnny; Agarwal, Ritu; Cheng, Xin; Garg, Anita; Fiel, M Isabel; Schwartz, Myron; Walewski, Jose; Branch, Andrea; Schecter, Alison D; Bansal, Meena B
2009 Jun;49(6):2055-2067, Hepatology
— id: 135443, year: 2009, vol: 49, page: 2055, stat: Journal Article,

Characterization of human metapneumovirus infection of myeloid dendritic cells
Tan, Maria C; Battini, Lorenzo; Tuyama, Ana C; Macip, Salvador; Melendi, Guillermina A; Horga, Maria-Arantxa; Gusella, G Luca
2007 Jan 5;357(1):1-9, Virology
— id: 135444, year: 2007, vol: 357, page: 1, stat: Journal Article,

Access to nectin favors herpes simplex virus infection at the apical surface of polarized human epithelial cells
Galen, Benjamin; Cheshenko, Natalia; Tuyama, Ana; Ramratnam, Bharat; Herold, Betsy C
2006 Dec;80(24):12209-12218, Journal of virology
— id: 135445, year: 2006, vol: 80, page: 12209, stat: Journal Article,

ACIDFORM inactivates herpes simplex virus and prevents genital herpes in a mouse model: optimal candidate for microbicide combinations
Tuyama, Ana C G; Cheshenko, Natalia; Carlucci, Maria J; Li, Jin-Hua; Goldberg, Cindy L; Waller, Donald P; Anderson, Robert A; Profy, Albert T; Klotman, Mary E; Keller, Marla J; Herold, Betsy C
2006 Sep 15;194(6):795-803, Journal of infectious diseases
— id: 135446, year: 2006, vol: 194, page: 795, stat: Journal Article,

Human parainfluenza virus 3 neuraminidase activity contributes to dendritic cell maturation
Horga, Maria-Arantxa; Macip, Salvador; Tuyama, Ana C; Tan, Maria C; Gusella, G Luca
2005 ;18(3):523-533, Viral immunology
— id: 135450, year: 2005, vol: 18, page: 523, stat: Journal Article,

Cervicovaginal secretions contribute to innate resistance to herpes simplex virus infection
John, Minnie; Keller, Marla J; Fam, Ehsan H; Cheshenko, Natalia; Hogarty, Kathleen; Kasowitz, Andrea; Wallenstein, Sylvan; Carlucci, Maria J; Tuyama, Ana C; Lu, Wuyuan; Klotman, Mary E; Lehrer, Robert I; Herold, Betsy C
2005 Nov 15;192(10):1731-1740, Journal of infectious diseases
— id: 135448, year: 2005, vol: 192, page: 1731, stat: Journal Article,

Topical microbicides for the prevention of genital herpes infection
Keller, Marla J; Tuyama, Ana; Carlucci, Maria Josefina; Herold, Betsy C
2005 Apr;55(4):420-423, Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy
— id: 135449, year: 2005, vol: 55, page: 420, stat: Journal Article,

The cotton rat provides a novel model to study genital herpes infection and to evaluate preventive strategies
Yim, Kevin C; Carroll, Clifford J; Tuyama, Ana; Cheshenko, Natalia; Carlucci, Maria Josefina; Porter, David D; Prince, Gregory A; Herold, Betsy C
2005 Dec;79(23):14632-14639, Journal of virology
— id: 135447, year: 2005, vol: 79, page: 14632, stat: Journal Article,