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Chau Trinh

Associate Professor, Department of Population Health;Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
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2003 — Columbia University, Graduate Education

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Chau Trinh-Shevrin, DrPH is an Associate Professor in the Department of Population Health and the Department of Medicine at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine. Within the Department of Population Health, Dr. Trinh-Shevrin serves as Director of Large Research Initiatives and heads the Section for Health Equity. Dr. Trinh-Shevrin also directs the Office of Community Engagement for the NYU-Health and Hospitals Corporation Clinical and Translational Science Institute, developing community-engaged research and research training initiatives. Currently, Dr. Trinh-Shevrin is Principal Investigator of a NIH National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities P60 Center of Excellence grant that supports the NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health (CSAAH) and co-investigator on several NIH and CDC-funded grants that aims to understand and reduce health disparities in Asian American and other underserved communities. CSAAH has grown extensively to house a CDC-funded Health Promotion and Prevention Research Center, a REACH Center of Excellence to Eliminate Hepatitis B Disparities, and, in collaboration with the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum, the national STRIVE (Strategies to Reach and Implement the Vision of Health Equity) Project. In 2009, CSAAH was the first academic recipient to receive the prestigious Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Healtha??s Leadership Award for its contributions in addressing health disparities. Dr. Trinh-Shevrin is a social epidemiologist with a doctorate in public health from Columbia University and a master in health policy and management at the State University of New York at Albany. Her work focuses primarily on understanding, addressing, and reducing health disparities in racial and ethnic minority and other underserved populations. Dr. Trinh-Shevrin currently serves on the board of director for the Chinatown YMCA of New York City and on the New York Statea??s Medicaid Redesign Team Health Disparities Workgroup. Dr. Trinh-Shevrin previously served four years on the board of directors for the Public Health Association of New York City. Dr. Trinh-Shevrin is co-editor of two textbooks Asian American Communities and Health (Jossey Bass Publishers, 2009) and Empowerment and Recovery: Confronting Addiction during Pregnancy with Peer Counseling (Praeger Press, 1998).

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