Susan B Torrey

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Susan Torrey

Associate Professor, Department of Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine;Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine

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A Novel Approach to Combining Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Global Health Fellowships
Crouse, HL; Mullan, PC; Macias, CG; Hsu, DC; Shook, JE; Sirbaugh, PE; Schutze, GE; Torrey, SB
2015-02-06; 0749-5161,Pediatric emergency care - id: 1453842, year: 2014

Quality and Effectiveness of a Pediatric Triage Training Program in a Guatemalan Public Hospital
Crouse, HL; Vaides, H; Torres, F; Ishigami, EM; Walsh, MT; Soto, MA; Torrey, SB
2015-02-06; 0749-5161,Pediatric emergency care - id: 1454782, year: 2014

Benefits of Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Over Computed Tomography in Children Requiring Emergency Evaluation of Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Malfunction: Reducing Lifetime Attributable Risk of Cancer
Kim, In; Torrey, Susan B; Milla, Sarah S; Torch, Marisa C; Tunik, Michael G; Foltin, Jessica C
2014-09-11; 0749-5161,Pediatric emergency care - id: 1180992, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Impact of an emergency triage assessment and teatment (ETAT)-based triage process in the pediatric emergency department (PED) of a guatemalan public hospital
Crouse, H L; Torres, F; Vaides, H; Walsh, M T; Ishigami, E M; Torrey, S B; Soto, M A
2013-05-23; 1069-6563,Academic emergency medicine - id: 349412, year: 2013

Reduced overtriage and undertriage with a new triage system in an urban accident and emergency department in Botswana: a cohort study
Mullan, Paul C; Torrey, Susan B; Chandra, Amit; Caruso, Ngaire; Kestler, Andrew
2014-04-20; 1472-0205,Emergency medicine journal - id: 881522, year: 2013 JOURNAL ARTICLE