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Anand Swaminathan

Assistant Professor, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine
Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine
NYU Emergency Medicine Associates

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2005-2009 — NYU School of Medicine (Emergency Medicine), Residency Training

A comparison of performance for highfidelity ACLS-based simulation cases for PGY-1 and PGY-3 level learners at two institutions
Leuck, J A; Turner, J; Pearson, D; Cooper, D; Getto, L; Clarke, S; Jordan, J; Swaminathan, A; Mahoney, H; Medwid, K; Kegg, J; Byars, D; Bullard, M; Anderson, W
2014-07-02; 1069-6563,Academic emergency medicine - id: 1058432, year: 2014

Massive and submassive pulmonary embolism: diagnostic challenges and thrombolytic therapy
Swaminathan, Anand
2014-04-07; 1069-6563,Academic emergency medicine - id: 866892, year: 2014 Journal Article

Are short-term late-generation antibiotics equivalent to standard penicillin therapy in the resolution of symptoms in acute strep throat in children?
Swaminathan, Anand; Hom, Jeffrey
2014-05-26; 0196-0644,Annals of emergency medicine - id: 1004662, year: 2014 Editorial

Does ultrasonographic imaging reduce the risk of failed lumbar puncture?
Swaminathan, Anand; Hom, Jeffrey
2014-01-07; 0196-0644,Annals of emergency medicine - id: 712402, year: 2014 Editorial

Do Mechanical Devices Improve Return of Spontaneous Circulation Over Manual Chest Compressions in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest?
Wong, Ambrose H; Swaminathan, Anand; Koyfman, Alex
2014-07-24; 0196-0644,Annals of emergency medicine - id: 1073422, year: 2014 EDITORIAL