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Nicholas Stine, M.D.

Assistant Professor;
Departments of Population Health (ComparitvEffectv) and Medicine (GIM Div)

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All data from NYU Health Sciences Library Faculty Bibliography — -


Elimination of lipid levels from quality measures: implications and alternatives
Stine, Nicholas W; Chokshi, Dave A
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Reconsidering the politics of public health
Chokshi, Dave A; Stine, Nicholas W
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HALE and hearty: Toward more meaningful health measurement in the clinical setting
Stine, N W; Stevens, D L; Braithwaite, R S; Gourevitch, M N; Wilson, R M
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Opportunity in austerity--a common agenda for medicine and public health
Stine, Nicholas W; Chokshi, Dave A
2012 Feb;366(5):395-397, New England journal of medicine
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Financial conflict of interest disclosure and voting patterns at Food and Drug Administration Drug Advisory Committee meetings
Lurie, Peter; Almeida, Cristina M; Stine, Nicholas; Stine, Alexander R; Wolfe, Sidney M
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