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David Staffenberg

Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery;Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Plastic Surgery

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305-307 East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016


Lipoblastoma of the hand and cleft palate: is there a genetic association?
Alperovich, Michael; Ayo, Diego; Staffenberg, David A; Sharma, Sheel
2014-03-17; 1049-2275,Journal of craniofacial surgery - id: 836372, year: 2014 Journal Article

Factors affecting parental anxiety and postoperative pain in infants undergoing cleft lip or palate repair
Clark, R; Lou, Jiang X; Chibbaro, P; Mahajan, A; Staffenberg, D A; Warren, S; Mendelsohn, A; Rosenberg, R
2014-12-04; 1055-6656,Cleft palate-craniofacial journal - id: 1361642, year: 2014

The "adorability" of the ipsilateral oblique view in unicoronal craniosynostosis: a silver lining for families
Vyas, Raj M; Alperovich, Michael; Spano, Mary; Staffenberg, David A
2014-08-03; 1529-4242,Plastic & reconstructive surgery - id: 1089822, year: 2014 Journal Article

Current management of microtia: a national survey
Im, Daniel D; Paskhover, Boris; Staffenberg, David A; Jarrahy, Reza
2014-05-02; 0364-216x,Aesthetic plastic surgery - id: 942582, year: 2013 Comparative Study; Journal Article

Successful treatment of post-shunt craniocerebral disproportion by coupling gradual external cranial vault distraction with continuous intracranial pressure monitoring
Sandler, Adam L; Daniels, Lawrence B 3rd; Staffenberg, David A; Kolatch, Eliezer; Goodrich, James T; Abbott, Rick
2013-06-20; 1933-0707,Journal of neurosurgery: Pediatrics - id: 387002, year: 2013 Journal Article