Matthias Stadtfeld

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Matthias Stadtfeld

Assistant Professor;
Departments of Cell Biology (Cell Biology) and Skirball (Skirball)

Contact Info

540 First Ave
Floor 4th Room Lab 1
Skirball Institute
New York, NY 10016

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2001-2006 — Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Graduate Education

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Research Summary

Pluripotent cells that have the unique ability to form all cell types of the adult body can be derived in two different ways: 1) by explanting early mammalian embryos, thereby giving rise to embryonic stem (ES) cells and 2) by the enforced expression of defined embryonic transcription factors in adult somatic cells, giving rise to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The latter process is commonly referred to as reprogramming and allows for the comparatively straightforward generation of patient-specific pluripotent stem cells to study, and ultimately possibly treat, degenerative disorders. In addition, iPSC technology represents a tractable experimental approach to study mammalian development. Research in my laboratory uses reprogramming technology to identify mechanisms that control gene expression and determine cellular identity, using the mouse as the main model organism. One major focus of research will be determining the reasons for the occurrence of epigenetic abnormalities that are frequently introduced in specific genomic regions during iPS cell formation. These abnormalities limit the developmental potential of iPS cells and their study will help unraveling the molecular requirements for faithful epigenetic reprogramming. A second major goal will be using pluripotent cells for the in vitro generation of adult-type stem cells that are functionally equivalent to their in vivo counterparts found in the body. We are especially interested in understanding the molecular determinants of blood cell specification and, ultimately, the generation of functional hematopoietic stem cells from ES cells and iPS cells.

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