Phillip Ross Smith

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Phillip Smith

Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology
Cell Biology

Contact Info

227 East 30th Street
New York, NY 10016



1967-1971 — Ph.D. (High Energy Physics) Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, Graduate Education
1978 — Cert. Mol. Biol. (SKMB, University of Basel, Switzerland), Graduate Education
1982-1986 — NYU, Medical Education
1986-1987 — Pediatrics, New York Hospital, Internship

Research Summary

My research has historically concentrated on developing new computing resources for the education and research environments and solving problems in medical informatics and structural biology. I emphasize the development of new computing tools, ranging from image display tools to client-server programming schemes for computer-intense programs.

I am a member of the Sequencing Informatics group of CHIBI and focus on NGS data visualization. I am also active in developing educational materials in Cell Biology and Histology.

Research Interests

Bio-Molecular Computing and Informatics

Visualization of next-generation sequencing data
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Visualization of next-generation sequencing data
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Effects of Nickel Treatment on H3K4 Trimethylation and Gene Expression
Tchou-Wong, Kam-Meng; Kiok, Kathrin; Tang, Zuojian; Kluz, Thomas; Arita, Adriana; Smith, Phillip R; Brown, Stuart; Costa, Max
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Software tools for molecular microscopy: an open-text Wikibook
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SOMOSAT: Utility of a web-based self-assessment tool in undergraduate medical education
Leaf, David E; Leo, Joseph; Leaf, David E; Leo, Joseph; Smith, Phillip R; Yee, Herman; Stern, Arnold; Rosenthal, Pamela B; Cahill-Gallant, Eileen B; Pillinger, Michael H
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