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Patterns of Traumatic Injury in New York City Prisoners Requiring Hospital Admission
Henning, Justin; Frangos, Spiros; Simon, Ronald; Pachter, H Leon; Bholat, Omar S
2015-01-11; 1078-3458,Journal of correctional health care - id: 1428832, year: 2015 REVIEW

Risky Behaviors Associated With Pediatric Pedestrians and Bicyclists Struck by Motor Vehicles
Glass, Nina E; Frangos, Spiros G; Simon, Ronald J; Bholat, Omar S; Todd, S Rob; Wilson, Chad; Jacko, Sally; Slaughter, Dekeya; Foltin, George; Levine, Deborah A
2014-05-28; 0749-5161,Pediatric emergency care - id: 1012932, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

BAZ2A (TIP5) is involved in epigenetic alterations in prostate cancer and its overexpression predicts disease recurrence
Gu, Lei; Frommel, Sandra C; Oakes, Christopher C; Simon, Ronald; Grupp, Katharina; Gerig, Cristina Y; Bar, Dominik; Robinson, Mark D; Baer, Constance; Weiss, Melanie; Gu, Zuguang; Schapira, Matthieu; Kuner, Ruprecht; Sultmann, Holger; Provenzano, Maurizio; Yaspo, Marie-Laure; Brors, Benedikt; Korbel, Jan; Schlomm, Thorsten; Sauter, Guido; Eils, Roland; Plass, Christoph; Santoro, Raffaella
2014-12-15; 1061-4036,Nature genetics - id: 1393432, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

A community traffic safety analysis of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries based on the catchment area of a trauma center
Slaughter, Dekeya R; Williams, Nick; Wall, Stephen P; Glass, Nina E; Simon, Ronald; Todd, S Rob; Bholat, Omar S; Jacko, Sally; Roe, Matthew; Wilson, Chad T; Levine, Deborah A; Marshall, Gary; Ayoung-Chee, Patricia; Pachter, H Leon; Frangos, Spiros G
2014-04-22; 2163-0755,Journal of trauma & acute care surgery - id: 884192, year: 2014 Journal Article

Vulnerable roadway users struck by motor vehicles at the center of the safest, large US city
Dultz, Linda A; Foltin, George; Simon, Ronald; Wall, Stephen P; Levine, Deborah A; Bholat, Omar; Slaughter-Larkem, Dekeya; Jacko, Sally; Marr, Mollie; Glass, Nina E; Pachter, H Leon; Frangos, Spiros G
2013-03-25; 2163-0763,Journal of trauma & acute care surgery - id: 248312, year: 2013 Journal Article