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Richard Silvergleid

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology

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Increased postoperative cervical myelopathy and cord compression resulting from the use of Gelfoam
Epstein, Nancy E; Silvergleid, Richard S; Hollingsworth, Renee
2013-11-11; 1529-9430,Spine journal - id: 614832, year: 2009 Case Reports; Journal Article

Magnetic resonance angiographic diagnosis of ectatic vertebral artery
Epstein, N E; Silvergleid, R
2013-11-11; 0895-0385,Journal of spinal disorders - id: 614842, year: 1995 Case Reports; Journal Article

A new onset of fatigue in an active elderly man
Wolf-Klein, G P; Jason, M K; Desner, M; Fish, B; Silvergleid, R
2013-11-11; 0016-867x,Geriatrics - id: 614852, year: 1989 Case Reports; Journal Article