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David Silverman, M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor;
Department of Medicine (ID&Immun Div)

Clinical Addresses

NEW YORK, NY 10024
Hours: Mon. 8:30 - 6; Tue. 8:30 - 6; Wed. 8:30 - 6; Thu. 8:30 - 6; Fri. 8:30 - 5
Phone: 212-496-1929
Fax: 212-496-8496

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Medical Specialties

Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine

Medical Expertise

Opportunistic Infections, Bone And Joint Infections, Lyme Disease, General Infectious Diseases, General Internal Medicine, Diseases Of Travel, Immunizations, Hepatitis, Fungal Infections

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Board Certification

2001 — Ab Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine


1976 — Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, Medical Education
1976-1980 — NYU Medical Center (Medicine), Residency Training
1980-1982 — NYU Medical Center (Infectious Diseases), Clinical Fellowships

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