Yan Shi

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Yan Shi

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Pancreatic amyloidoma associated with elevated CA19-9: A case diagnosed by endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy
Jiang, Huimiao; Pulinthanathu, Rajiv; Yee-Chang, Melissa; Wei, Xiao-Jun; Simsir, Aylin; Shi, Yan
2015-02-22; 1097-0339,Diagnostic cytopathology - id: 1466282, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

New insights in antigen retrieval technology
Shi, S; Shi, Y
2015-11-19; 0529-5807,Zhonghua bing li xue za zhi = Chinese journal of pathology - id: 1842112, year: 2015

Leishmania amastigotes in the ascites of a HIV-positive patient
Szeto, Oliver; Finkelstein, Alex; Wei, Xiao-Jun; Aguero-Rosenfeld, Maria; Shi, Yan
2014-04-28; 1097-0339,Diagnostic cytopathology - id: 917642, year: 2014 Journal Article

Multifocal intra-abdominal extra-adrenal myelolipoma diagnosed by fine needle aspiration: A case report and literature review
Li, X; Wickersham, S; Elgert, P; Zamuco, R; Shi, Y
2013-04-15; 0007-5027,Laboratory medicine - id: 288312, year: 2012

Antigen retrieval immunohistochemistry: review and future prospects in research and diagnosis over two decades
Shi, Shan-Rong; Shi, Yan; Taylor, Clive R
2012-02-05; 1551-5044,Journal of histochemistry & cytochemistry - id: 138000, year: 2011