Maria C. Shiau

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Maria Shiau

Associate Professor, Department of Radiology

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New York, NY 10016


Imaging of the Central Airways with Bronchoscopic Correlation: Pictorial Essay
Shiau, Maria; Harkin, Timothy J; Naidich, David P
2015-06-01; 1557-8216,Clinics in chest medicine - id: 1603832, year: 2015 REVIEW

Emphysema Predicts Hospitalisation and Incident Airflow Obstruction among Older Smokers: A Prospective Cohort Study
McAllister, David A; Ahmed, Firas S; Austin, John H M; Henschke, Claudia I; Keller, Brad M; Lemeshow, Adina; Reeves, Anthony P; Mesia-Vela, Sonia; Pearson, G D N; Shiau, Maria C; Schwartz, Joseph E; Yankelevitz, David F; Barr, R Graham
2014-04-30; 1932-6203,PLoS one - id: 930752, year: 2014 Journal Article

Nodule characterization: subsolid nodules
Raad, Roy A; Suh, James; Harari, Saul; Naidich, David P; Shiau, Maria; Ko, Jane P
2013-12-02; 0033-8389,Radiologic clinics of North America - id: 652482, year: 2014 Journal Article

A case of colorectal cancer with metastasis to the chest wall and subsequent hematoma formation
Stember, Joseph N; Thakral, Charu; Shiau, Maria C
2013-02-11; 1943-0922,Journal of radiology case reports - id: 218032, year: 2013 Journal Article

Impact of a Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) System Integrated into a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) on Reader Sensitivity and Efficiency for the Detection of Lung Nodules in Thoracic CT Exams
Bogoni, Luca; Ko, Jane P; Alpert, Jeffrey; Anand, Vikram; Fantauzzi, John; Florin, Charles H; Koo, Chi Wan; Mason, Derek; Rom, William; Shiau, Maria; Salganicoff, Marcos; Naidich, David P
2012-12-06; 0897-1889,Journal of digital imaging - id: 185842, year: 2012 Journal Article