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Stephen Schwartz

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

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Compartmentation in the blood-brain barrier: a correction
Samuels S; Schwartz SA
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Pre-natal amino acid transport inhibition: long term influences on behavior and protein metabolism
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Anticonvulsant activity of glycylglycine and delta-aminovaleric acid: evidence for glutamine exchange in amino acid transport
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Age related changes in blood-to-brain amino acid transport and incorporation into brain protein
Samuels, S; Fish, I; Schwartz, S A; Hochgeschwender, U
2015-04-26; 0364-3190,Neurochemical research - id: 1542432, year: 1983 Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

Compartmentation in amino acid transport across the blood brain barrier
Samuels, S; Schwartz, S A
2013-10-25; 0364-3190,Neurochemical research - id: 577252, year: 1981 Journal Article