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Glenn Schwartz

Clinical Instructor, Department of Medicine

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Stability of malignant breast microcalcifications
Lev-Toaff, A S; Feig, S A; Saitas, V L; Finkel, G C; Schwartz, G F
2014-12-20; 0033-8419,Radiology - id: 1399782, year: 1994 Journal Article

Mammographically detected breast cancer. Nonpalpable is not a synonym for inconsequential
Schwartz, G F; Carter, D L; Conant, E F; Gannon, F H; Finkel, G C; Feig, S A
2014-12-20; 0008-543x,Cancer - id: 1399792, year: 1994 Journal Article

Clinical applications of serum and tissue markers in malignant disease: breast cancer as the paradigm
Schwartz, G F; Schwarting, R; Rabindranauth, P; Finkel, G C
2014-12-20; 0009-9147,Clinical chemistry - id: 1399802, year: 1993 Journal Article; Review

Subclinical ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast. Treatment by local excision and surveillance alone
Schwartz, G F; Finkel, G C; Garcia, J C; Patchefsky, A S
2014-12-20; 0008-543x,Cancer - id: 1399822, year: 1992 Journal Article